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Paper Tigers

  • Paper Tigers

Managing watercolour on paper is both a challenge as well as a skill that you would want to master. So where should one start? Paper for watercolour should often be handmade and 100% cotton. Most brands in the market today are handmade, but they have a mix of cotton (often 70-80%) and paper rags. Either way that's it would be wise to know your paper before getting it wet for the painting.

100% Cotton papers don't buckle when a wash is done. (The unmanageable fold that comes in a paper when water is applied with a brush is called buckling, the paper soon loses shape and has to be almost discarded.) These papers hold out well on repeated application of colour and do not layer off. 

Next is the thickness. If it's a cotton based paper, then chances are that it is 300gsm-the ideal strength for a paper. Anything lower will not tolerate any level of abuse.


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